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Chicago Transit

Johalla Projects is committed to curating art into people’s everyday lives and in spaces not often considered for exhibition. Over the years, we have worked with Chicago’s public transit committee on various public art projects.

From 2013-2014, Johalla Projects participated in the Chicago’s Special Service Area Program’s Art Committee “Adopt-a-Station.”  Curating the Damen Blue Line station, artwork was on a rotating display for six month periods of time. Johalla Projects worked with artists such as Stephen Eichhorn, Heather Gabel, and Ian Whitmore.

We collaborated with the CTA California Blue Line Station to exhibit an installation by Ryan Duggan. The interior wall at the base of the platform staircase showcased Duggan’s mural which read in bold orange text Today is Yours. Use It, offering a reflective moment for busy commuters.

In 2018, we partnered with the CTA Logan Square Blue Line to facilitate a mural by artists Thor Goodlife and Nick Adams. The mural was located outside of the station entrance across the brick side of a building. Painted in primary colors, the text Home stretched across the space with a hand holding a key beside the facade of a building. Working with the city’s public transit system over the years has been an inspiring way to challenge notions of public art and engage with people going about their everyday lives.