art curatorial collective


In 2021, Johalla Project worked with private collector Liz Taylor to acquire artworks and curate her home collection. This was Johalla Projects first private home curatorial project and a collaborative effort with designer Jordana Joseph and owner Taylor. Working in harmony with the building architecture was a foundation to our curatorial approach as we embraced the modern lines and open airy floor plan throughout our design process. Artists such as Knowledge Bennet, Laura Berger, Dietzworks, Cody Hudson, BP Lavin, Moira Quinn, Mel Ramos, and David Shrigley synchronize with the architecture to create a home experience that sparks conversation and contradiction.

Taylor is a lifelong contemporary art patron and we enlisted a salon wall in her dining room that became an anchor point to her collecting ethos. Showcasing a dynamic display of family memorabilia, such as childhood paintings, with contemporary artists, the dining room is both deeply personal and on the pulse with contemporary art today.

Johalla Projects collaborated with artist Anders Nilsen to create a large-scale installation in a bedroom. Nilsen is most prominently known for his internationally recognized cartoon practice and has published ten books of his artistic work and text. For this work, he turned the micro into macro by working with hundreds of buttons individually nailed into the wall to culminate in a celestial-like plain of colors and form.

In the guest room, we commissioned artist Jane Georges to create an immersive mural. Georges’ tangerine and sherbet color palette radiates warmth across the room and her hardline graphic composition captures the nostalgia of psychedelic interior design. We are honored to have partnered with Taylor in her home and create an inspired installation layered with meaning.