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Recent Work by Graduates of the Yale MFA Photography Program

July 8, 2016 — August 5, 2016

Johalla Projects is very excited to present Reviver, a group exhibition comprised of work by Yale University’s 2016 MFA Photography Graduates. With works curated by International Center of Photography Curator-in-Residence Charlotte Cotton, Reviver will be on view on from July 8 to August 5, 2016. An opening reception will be held with the artists on Friday, July 8 from 7-10pm.

Monique Atherton
Drew Brown
Sara Cwynar
Eli Durst
John Edmonds
Ye Weon Mary Kim
Cole Don Kelley
Robin Myers
Eva O'Leary
Adam Pape

The exhibition presents 10 photographers whose work varies from the surrealist observations of Monique Atherton to the experimental appropriations of Sara Cwynar. Grouped together under the title “Reviver,” Cotton considers the work as engaging with formal photographic practice while trying to find a place in a world of ever-proliferating images. Black and white photography is seen freshly in the enchantingly ambiguous narratives of Eli Durst and in the graphic compositions of Drew Brown, while issues of race and sexuality are addressed in the work of John Edmonds. Robin Myers reexamines the traditional notions of the bodily form while Cole Don Kelley, Adam Pape, and Eva O’Leary use color to create a personal view of commonplace subjects. Ye Weon Mary Kim complicates landscape photography by incorporating traditional forms of painting and digital collage into her photographs.

Over the course of two years at the Yale School of Art, the artists in Reviver have been guided, critiqued, and in conversation with a panel of critics as equally varied and rigorous in scope as the approaches to art-making represented in the exhibition. Faculty members include Gregory Crewdson and John Pilson; and visiting artists Richard Prince, Roni Horn, Leslie Hewitt, Collier Schorr, and Taryn Simon.

Reviver is presented:
Danziger Gallery, New York from June 17–29
Johalla Projects, Chicago from July 8 — August 5
ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles from August 13–27

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