art curatorial collective

St. Jane

Yvette Mayorga

Meet Me at the Green Clock, an exhibition of work by Yvette Mayorga, curated by Johalla Projects, was on view at the St. Jane Hotel from December 2019 through January 2020. Working in the Hotel’s street-level window, Mayorga pulled inspiration from  Andy Warhol’s early career in visual merchandising, the tradition of the iconic holiday windows at Marshall Fields, and her parents' history of immigrating to the United States and working at Marshall Fields in the 1970s. Her mother was a baker and her father a janitor and their legacy of labor was evident in Mayorga’s cake-like frostings and architectural references to the Field’s building throughout the installation. The decadent color palette derived from Mayorga’s visual vocabulary of rococo meets polly-pocket-pop that is further enhanced by the St. Jane’s art deco gold window frames. The window exhibition pulled you into a fantasmic space where the visually indulgent sugar buzz preceded a deeper consideration for complex biographical and cultural history within the fantasy.