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United Airlines

C10 Lounge

Johalla Projects worked in collaboration with United Airlines to install immersive art throughout their C10 United Club, O’hare International Airport, Chicago, IL. Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson transformed the entrance of the United Club with a large-scale hard-lined geometric mural piece. Throughout the Club, we collaborated with artists including Hope Wang, Nicole Mauser, Sirimas Benz Amatayakul, and Sarah Leuchtner.

Moving outside, we also facilitated a site-specific installation by artist Bob Faust on the exterior facade of the United Airlines jet bridge. The artwork, This Way to the Nonfiction Section, entailed manipulating a single photo into patterns that are reminiscent of end papers found in vintage books or the elaborate spines that line a library shelf. The work is inspired by the kaleidoscope of life experiences that only travel can bring to an individual.